Twitter Shows Off a Richer Feed With Video, Images

Vines, photos will bring more visual style to the network

Twitter is now open for media. The micro-messaging platform rolled out a key change to its website and app design today that will feature photos and videos more prominently in users’ feeds.

Twitter photos and Vine videos will now automatically show in feeds without the added step of having to expand the content.

“Timelines on Twitter will be more visual and more engaging: previews of Twitter photos and videos from Vine will be front and center in Tweets,” the company said in a blog post announcing the new look.

It was unclear how or when marketers would be able to take advantage of the change, but media-rich advertising could evolve out of it. Brands can tweet their own photos and videos as always and those appear in the new format, but pictures from Promoted Tweets did not seem to show up in-stream yet.

It would not be a stretch to think that marketers would want to serve content that automatically shows up in feeds, instead of requiring a user to click “expand” to view their messages containing images or video.

For now, the change to the user experience appeared reserved for content created through Twitter or Vine.

Feeds will appear heavier with images and click-to-play video. It is the type of multimedia scroll that users have gotten used to on platforms like Instagram, which recently announced its first in-stream ad products.

Twitter is constantly evolving its platform and in the coming weeks the company is selling its stock publicly for the first time.

Twitter will look to raise nearly $1.5 billion selling shares on Wall Street.

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