Twitter Should Banish The Default “White Egg” Avatar

When you sign up for Twitter, you begin with as a “white egg”. You might get a white egg on a blue background, white egg on yellow… but you’ll always start with this white egg. And while I do like the symbolism, I think it’s a little on the bland side.

A Russian design crowdsourcing site thinks it has the answer to the humdrum of eggshell in its recently run Twitter avatar contest. They’ve come up with a cute, customizable blue bird that could potentially usurp the egg as the default avatar for new Twitter users, if Twitter is paying attention.

Palkoo asked designers to create a new Twitter avatar to replace the white egg. They offered $800 to the winner, to really get contestants’ creative juices flowing.

TheNextWeb reports that the winner is a 22-year-old Bulgarian named Alecksander, who submitted the wide-eyed blue bird you see above.

Unlike the egg, this baby blue bird is customizable, with users being able to add things like a guitar, glasses and a hat to make it more representative of who they are. TheNextWeb notes that this functionality is available in third-party applications that will generate a profile picture for you, but the idea with this avatar is that it is offered directly from Twitter itself, and is the default image that all new accounts start with.

We think upgrading the default Twitter avatar is a great idea. Offering something cute and customizable would be a hook for new users who are unsure about the service – after all, who doesn’t like creating their own personalized avatar? A small update like this could actually increase new user retention, and would make it a whole lot more fun to see tweets from new users in your timeline.

Image courtesy of TheNextWeb