Twitter Working With Payments Startup Stripe on Shopping Button

Twitter Working With Payments Startup Stripe on Shopping Button

Rumours about shopping functionality coming to Twitter have been circulating for quite some time now. In July a “buy now” button was seen in the wild by some users of Twitter’s mobile app, and earlier this month a payment and shipping option appeared on the Twitter Android app for a select few.

Now, things are really heating up, as reports suggest that Twitter is having serious talks with payments startup Stripe about implementing e-commerce features on the platform, which could launch later this year.

Whether this will come via the aforementioned “buy now” button or something else remains to be seen, but insiders expect that the update will allow shoppers to make purchases on Twitter and enter their payment and shipping information without ever leaving the site.

Re/code, who broke the story, believe that Stripe is uniquely placed at Twitter for the moment.

“While Stripe is believed to be Twitter’s only payments partner now working on the e-commerce business, it’s not clear whether that will remain the case over the long haul.” writes Re/code’s Jason Del Rey.

Logically, you would think Paypal and perhaps Square, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s other startup, would be potential partners for Twitter, too. Paypal simply because you can’t really compete in digital commerce without using it, and Square because, well, Dorsey needs a break.