Twitter Remote is MyBlogLog for Twitter

Twitter isn’t the most social site by nature, though it has some very social features that allow you to create some semblance of a community around your tweets and the tweets of your followers. But even with this inherent Twitter community it’s difficult to take that community outside of Twitter and use it to your benefit. An application called Twitter Remote displays which Twitter users have recently visited your blog or website. This essentially creates a MyBlogLog for Twitter-specific use.

The good thing about this application is that it comes with a widget that you can post on your blog or website. The widgets themselves are customizable in the basic dimensions. You’re able to change the color scheme, number of rows, and other parameters before placing it on your blog or website.

Visitors that are also Twitter users can login and share their presence on your website. It also lets them know the reach of your blog or website, and creates an instant extension of the Twitter community to your online publication. This is good for creating some cross-traffic between your blog and your Twitter account.

Those Twitter users that join Twitter Remote and visit sites that support its widget are also promoting their own Twitter profile, as each widget displays a link along with other basic information about that user.

You can send other Twitter Remote users reply tweets, pull up search results based on their username, or see their usage stats, powered by Twitter Counter (the company behind Twitter Remote). This of course creates a broadcast network for each participating Twitter user that signs up for Twitter Remote, even if they’re not using the widget on their own site.

If even more information (especially site-specific information) pertaining to each user could be incorporated into the Twitter Remote widget its networking and cross-promotional potential could become even greater. Layering in support for other sites and services, such as Facebook, could be useful as well. We’re actually surprised Facebook doesn’t have an option similar to this, though you can create one of your own using Facebook Connect, as we’ve done at AllFacebook and SocialTimes.