How Was Twitter Used During The Olympics? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 2012 London Olympic Games has come and gone and, by all accounts, it was a great success. The Games saw record viewing figures across TV and the internet, and social media played a huge part in how we received information and updates, interacted with athletes and kept our sporting fingers very much on the pulse.

Ahead of the Olympics Twitter had expressed its desire to be the “official narrator” of the Games, and it certainly delivered on that count, with 150 million tweets sent during the competition.

But what was everybody tweeting about?

Well, we all got stuck in right from the opening ceremony, with an appearance and tweet by Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the world wide web, receiving over 10,000 shares, although he was quickly surpassed by the surprise arrival of Mr Bean.

Team GB and its over-performing athletes received an enormous amount of positive tweets (and new followers), with some 4.5 million total mentions during the games. For British athletes, diver Tom Daly, who bagged a bronze in the Olympics, took home the gold medal on Twitter with his follower boost surpassing that of tennis played Andy Murray and heptathlon superstar Jessica Ennis.

Overall, Twitter was overwhelmingly positive towards the Games, with the #NBCfail debacle receiving the most number of negative responses.

This infographic from Fiasco Design takes a closer look at Twitter’s role in the London Olympics.

(Source: Fiasco DesignOlympic image via Shutterstock.)