Twitter #Music Integrated Into Spotify And Rdio

Twitter’s #Music platform is expanding its footprint, with integration on both Spotify and Rdio, in addition to iTunes Radio, The Verge reports.

If you’re an online music listener, here’s how to sync up Twitter #Music with both platforms.

Twitter recently announced a new page within Rdio that displays 15 different #Music-generated playlists, including trending song and artist charts.

Examples include everything from Superstars and Popular to Emerging and Unearthed, in addition to a wide range of genres. Check out the full list here.

All 15 playlists are being constantly updated with real-time data from Twitter #Music.

From a Spotify perspective, Twitter actually launched its own Twitter #Music app within the interface so you can basically use the entire platform within your Spotify environment. (Other Spotify apps include, The Guardian, TuneWiki, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, We Are Hunted, Songkick, Billboard and more, so Twitter #Music is in competitive company.)

The cool thing about the Twitter #Music Spotify app is that all Spotify listeners can find and listen to full-length tracks using Twitter #Music. Previously, only paid Spotify and Rdio users could stream.

The app functions the same as its standalone web version does, with five charts (see above: Superstars, Popular, Emerging and Unearthed, in addition to Hunted) and a range of genres to explore. The #NowPlaying category displays tracks being tweeted about by people you follow.

(Source: The Verge.)

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