Twitter #Music May Be Shutting Down Soon

twittermusicTwitter #Music may be on the way out, according to reports. The social network introduced the music discovery app back in April, as a way for Twitter users to discover new music based on what is trending on Twitter. The app looks at the most popular tracks and artists based on how many tweets they are getting.

Unfortunately, the app hasn’t been taking off as much as Twitter had hoped. According to AppData, the app is currently No. 184 on the Top Free Apps Music Genre for iOS apps, not exactly leading the list.

AllThingsDigital has reported that Twitter is planning on shuttering the app. Check it out: “It is unclear what Twitter’s time frame is for ultimately ending support for Twitter #Music, as the company is currently in the midst of revamping its music department. But sources tellAllThingsD that the app’s fate is nearly sealed.”