TwitterMoms Know Best: Product Reviews by Social Media Mommas Take Off

When it comes to household products, moms definitely know best – and TwitterMoms is putting this age-old notion to the test by giving opinionated, social media-savvy moms the power to rate and review household products for other moms. The TwitterMoms Seal of Approval program launches today, with two major products as part of its inaugural reviews and many more on the way. Will this small but influential social network of moms become the go-to source for household product reviews? Read below the jump for more details of this social media mommy Seal of Approval.

TwitterMoms is an online community with approximately 30,000 members, all mothers who know their way around social media. It is one of the largest mom-oriented networks in the US, reaching about 7 million unique visitors every month through its network blogs and content partners. As its name suggests, Twitter is the network of choice for the majority of these moms, and the average TwitterMom boasts 1,300 followers.

The TwitterMoms Seal of Approval which launched today leverages this influential network of mommy bloggers and social media mavens. Real-life moms in the TwitterMoms network are given products to test out in their own homes and evaluate based on a uniform, structured evaluation process. The first two products that were reviewed and passed the Seal of Approval test are the Quickie Microfiber Twist Mop and Procter & Gamble’s Ultra Concentrated Dawn dishwashing liquid. These two inaugural products will be followed by many more currently in the testing stages.

The Seal of Approval reviews are available online as well as on any smartphone, so that curious moms can drill down the review data even at the point of sale. The reviews also come with a QR code – a barcode that can be scanned by a mobile phone – so that products that want to boast about their Seal of Approval can pass on the positive reviews to consumers in-store.

Megan Calhoun, founder of, says this about the Seal of Approval program:

“Moms trust moms above all else. Traditional seal programs rely on lab technicians, sterile environments, and black boxes for their analysis. Our moms put products through their paces in their homes, and color their commentary and evaluations with their own real-life experiences – something that just can’t be replicated in a lab.”

Having moms review products and share these reviews in a mom-oriented social network could drive sales and brand awareness for a variety of home products. As moms are the people most likely to use things like cleaning products and other household items, their opinions will likely be trusted by other moms over a traditionally sterile lab review process. And leveraging the TwitterMoms social network to get the product reviews out to other moms shows that moms are connected, too.