China’s Sina Weibo Drops 140-Character Limit Before Twitter

Dear Twitter, Don't even...

In China, social media isn’t really power for the people. Since you know, communism and all.

So, when Twitter became a global microblog allowing people to pontificate in 140 characters or less, China thought they could do it a little better.

That’s how Sina Weibo was born.

With more than 250 million dedicated users, China found itself once again trying to one-up the little blue bird on the heels of Twitter discussing ridding itself of the iconic 140-character cap for a more verbose 10,000 characters. While Twitter deals with the torrential social media backlash, Sina Weibo kept on chugging along.

China’s Xinhua News Service now reports that Sina Weibo will roll out a new algorithm or update to its “senior users” that will allow them to write up to 2,000 characters.

“According to Weibo’s big data, only about 10 percent of original posts surpass 120 Chinese characters,” a spokesperson for the company told the South China Morning Post by email. “But we are extending the text limit to offer greater choice and a better user experience.”

Sure, they are going to stick with 140 viewable characters, but the switch is Facebook-esque (because of course). There will be a “read more” link to push the rest into viewable space.

Thanks a lot China. Because of this Feng Shui move in cyberspace, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will continue his charade of “increasing confidence in shareholders” by messing with something that isn’t broke.

Imagine what “read more” will do in your timeline? We will get carpal tunnel scrolling for days sifting through some Kardashian diatribe of misspelled words, run-on sentences, and a few dozen selfies per post.

Sorry. I meant, tweet.