Twitter Love Story To Hit The Silver Screen In Indonesia [VIDEO]

Indonesia is really having a love affair with Twitter. A Twitter movie called Republik Twitter is set to hit the big screen next month – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The movie will be completely in Indonesian. It tells the story of two smart, beautiful young people who meet on Twitter, fall in love, and strive to make their online and offline personalities match up.

It’s not the story of Twitter’s founding, so there will be no “The Social Network” parallels (but I secretly can’t wait for that movie to be made!).

Indonesia is one of the top countries on Twitter. In fact, according to stats from earlier this year, Indonesia is the third-most tweet-obsessed country in the world. With 12 percent of the tweets on Twitter coming from Indonesia, it is only behind Brazil (24 percent) and the US (27 percent).

It might be a bit risky to build a movie around Twitter. Even thought it is an immensely popular network in Indonesia, not everyone is on it. In fact, not even close to the majority. There will no doubt be plenty of references to hashtags, @mentions, tweets and trending topics – terminology that will probably confuse the average movie-goer, unless it is very clearly explained early on in the movie.

Still, the movie sounds cute and quirky, and the love story element might just supersede the Twitter element for viewers.

You can check out the trailer for Republik Twitter below (the trailer is in Indonesian, but you can understand the gist of the movie nonetheless):