Twitter Lifts Suspension of Twidroyd, UberTwitter

Ahh, drama in the Twitterverse. While we’re used to it being between larger-than-life celebs, this time around it was a very public brawl between Twitter and a third-party app developer that caused a mini-scandal. Twitter had suspended two of the most popular Twitter apps – made by the fast growing Twitter app company, UberMedia – last week, and reversed the suspension on Sunday.

Both Twidroyd for Android and UberTwitter for Blackberry are among the most popular Twitter apps for their respective devices. And they’re both made by UberMedia, a growing Twitter-based app empire owned by Bill Gross – a man who is rumored to have had some not-so-friendly brushes with Twitter in the past.

Twitter blocked these apps from accessing its API on Friday, alleging infringements of trademark, privacy and monetization policies.

As expected, UberMedia scrambled to comply with Twitter’s outlined remedies in order for its apps to be reinstated, and by Sunday evening, they were both back online.

One of the biggest changes that the company had to make was changing the name of UberTwitter to UberSocial for Blackberry, to avoid stepping on Twitter’s extremely protective trademark toes.

Both apps had to make some changes in order for Twitter to allow them access to its API again. They are now fully functional, but users will have to re-download them if they have an older version.

This dramatic fight between UberMedia and Twitter does not bode well for the former’s business model of building on the back of Twitter.