Twitter Launches Photo Sharing Service, New Search

As was rumored, Twitter unveiled its new photo sharing service today at the All Things D conference. And as the surprise icing on the cake, CEO Dick Costolo also announced a totally revamped Twitter search.

Twitter’s photo sharing service was leaked a day early, but that doesn’t seem to faze the company. They’ve announced the new feature on their blog, and they’re pretty excited about it from the sounds of it.

Twitter will be rolling out its photo sharing service over the next few weeks. Users who want to tweet out a photo will be able to upload it and tweet it out right from within This does make third party services like Twitpic pretty obsolete, but time will tell how loyal users are to their current photo sharing utilities.

The photo sharing service will be incorporated into all official Twitter mobile apps, and the company notes that they are “working with mobile carriers around the world so you can also send photos via text message (MMS).”

The internal structure of Twitter’s search function has also been given a complete makeover. Now, when you search for something at, you’ll be presented with more relevant tweets, as well as related photos and videos. This multimedia integration is likely tied to the photo sharing service, as the two seem to go hand-in-hand to keep people using and official Twitter apps rather than competitors.

Interestingly, there is a new version of Firefox with Twitter that enables users to type a hashtag or username directly into the address bar, and presents a search results page pulled from