Twitter Launches @Anywhere Framework, Prelude to Web Domination?

Are you ready for Twitter’s internet domination? Well, if push comes to shoves, it looks like that’s where the Twitter folks want to bring their popular and widely use social communication tool. That’s the power to tweet, retweet, follow and unfollow no matter where you are in the internet. Or another way of putting could perhaps be making establishing a Facebook Connect killer?

Believe it or not, soon Twitter will be all around the web. On Yahoo sites, when reading online newspapers, while watching a video on YouTube and practically everything that you do online or every sites that you visit – Twitter will be there. This was announced on the Official Twitter Blog – the Twitter @Anywhere framework.

What is Twitter @Anywhere? The Twitter blog defines it as a new set of frameworks that will add the Twitter experience to practically anywhere on the web. It’s a different approach than the Twitter API since instead of APIs all you need to do if you want the Twitter functionality on your website is to add a simple line of Javascript. That’s right, now complex coding, not programming needed. Just the old, plain and simple ready to copy and paste – Javascript.

And with Twitter @Anywhere, soon you won’t be needing to visit anymore to post a tweet, reply a tweet, follow and unfollow people. You can do all of them right where you are.

But of course, to make this a success, Twitter needs partner sites willing to test the feature out. Luckily, there are already a handfull of online sites who’ve signed up to give Twitter @Anywhere a test drive.

Sites like AdAge, Bing, Digg, eBay, Meebo, Yahoo, YouTube,, NYT, Citysearch, Salesforce, and Amazon are jumping in to Twitter @Anywhere.

Promising? Yes. Something worth looking forward to. Bring it on Twitter – show the web how you intend to conquer it. Beat Google into it.

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