Twitter Is Testing “Non-Organic” Ads

Rumor has it that Twitter is testing out a new Promoted Tweet format that would no longer require advertisers to first send the soon-to-be Promoted Tweet from their Twitter account before marking it as an ad.

Twitter has been adamant in the past about creating an “organic” experience for its users. And part of this was ensuring that advertisers we actually part of the Twitter community, not just big billboards.

The company’s core advertising unit, Promoted Tweets, are tweets that advertisers pay to have displayed in front of more users than just their followers. They can target these users based on search terms or by what accounts they follow, but all Promoted Tweets were required to be sent from the company’s Twitter account before they became an ad.

But AdWeek cites several sources with knowledge of a new beta test that Twitter is removing the requirement that Promoted Tweets be regular tweet before they are promoted.

If true, this means that advertisers will be able to write ad-specific copy that does not necessarily reach their followers first.

It also means that Twitter is taking a big step back from its position that brands should be part of the ecosystem in order to adveritse. Copy written specifically for a 140-character ad might be significantly different in tone and content than something meant to be a tweet, first.

As AdAge points out, though, this will probably be a welcome change for advertisers. They will no longer have to send ads which are meant to garner new followers to their current followers.

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