Would A Twitter IPO Beat Facebook’s?

With so much going on about the Facebook IPO, we thought now would be a good time to consider (speculate) what Twitter’s IPO would be worth – if and when they ever go that route, of course. As we recently told you, Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, doesn’t anticipate this happening any time soon. But one never knows what can happen next in this crazy tech bubble kinda world we’re living in, now do we?

We offered some thoughts last year about the potential value of a Twitter IPO, but will the bungled Facebook IPO affect Twitter’s price? It could certainly make investors much more cautious.

In March we shared some leaked Twitter financials that showed the company lost money in 2010-2011, but Twitter’s recent partnerships with ESPN and American Express are promising and it’s new advertising offerings are sure to be a success.

But how does Twitter compare to Facebook on the ‘best bang for your marketing buck’ front? According to this Infographic, a Facebook share is worth $14 and a Facebook Like  is worth $8, but a tweet is only worth $5. And Facebook fans are cheaper to recruit at $1.07 each compared to Twitter’s $2.50-4.00 price tag.

And then there’s all that technical mumbo jumbo, like financial forecasts and such to consider. But it’s all a crap shoot, really, with so many new platforms being developed every day and with such fickle online participants (that would be you) switching platforms and getting angry all the time  about platform changes or not enough changes or what have you.

Or the Google Monster could rise up any day and crush them all, who knows?

Might as well base your decision on how you feel about this Twitter vs. Facebook rap contest. Feel free to dance:

But you tell us – do you think Twitter would be worth more than Facebook? Why or why not. And do you have better videos with either side talking smack?

(Fencing image from Shutterstock)

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