Twitter On The iPhone: Which Data-Hogging App Costs You The Most Money? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has grown into something of a beast.

Just five years later, Twitter has an estimated 300 million users sending hundreds of millions of tweets per day. Pivotally, the company has seen mass-adoption around the world from users accessing the network with mobile handsets, from basic models in less-developed regions (where interacting with Twitter via SMS is their only option) to advanced smartphones in the wealthier territories.

While Android devotees might disagree, the best and biggest range of Twitter clients can be found on the iPhone, with a veritable plethora of slick and feature-rich choices available, including the official Twitter For iPhone, TweetDeck For iPhone, TweetBot, Echofon and Ubersocial.

This new infographic from Onavo, makers of a free app for the iPhone that shrinks your data usage (thus saving you money), takes a look at the most popular Twitter clients on the iPhone and rates them by how efficiently they consume data.

There are some interesting highlights in the results:

  • Spain leads the world with 34% of iPhone owners in the country using Twitter apps. The Netherlands and the UK are second (32%) and third (30%)
  • Twitter For iPhone dominates all apps with 65% market share
  • TweetDeck (for iPhone) is tied in second place with new kid on the block TweetBot, both at 8%
  • TweetDeck is the most data efficient Twitter app for iPhone

What this means is that people with data plans that are limited – that is, you pay for excess usage – could save well over fifty per cent on that part of their bill by switching from Twitter For iPhone to TweetDeck For iPhone.

Of course, in my opinion you’d be giving up a lot more than that – Twitter For iPhone is brilliant, while TweetDeck For iPhone isn’t – but if money is tight and you use Twitter on your iPhone a lot (and can’t easily switch to a superior plan), or spend a lot of time travelling in regions and countries where your data plan isn’t supported, it might be worth considering.