The Secret Of Twitter Influence: Sharing Motivational Tweets

It’s important to offer a good mix of tweets for your followers onTwitter.

You probably want to be considered a thought leader in your industry, so you share industry-specific tweets. And you likely also have something to promote, so you share tweets about THAT stuff too. Rounding it out with a sprinkling of personality never hurts either – well, unless you’re a jerk.

And now Twitter influencers have discovered another highly viral tweet type – the motivational tweet.

What Forbes is calling “the peculiar twitter tactics of social media influencers,” social influencers have been adding uplifting tweets to their Twitter streams with greater frequency. Have you see them?

Here are some examples of these popular “motivational micro-speeches:”



Why send such tweets? They’re VERY popular. Again, from Forbes:

[A] large part of the Twitter leader-follower relationship is almost like therapy. It’s like motivational speaking but in short hand.

And now that you’ve seen it, you cannot un-see it and you will notice it’s EVERYWHERE. It’s “like a sub-culture that’s suddenly mainstream, there if you look closely enough.” Spooky, hmm? Isn’t this how V: The Final Battle started?

Regardless of the human race being overthrown and whatnot, if “touchy feely” just isn’t you, it’s fine to leave those tweets to others. Here are 10 examples of tweet variety goodness that will keep your Twitter stream just as fed (though not nearly as happy):

  • Poll your followers, and post the results after they respond
  • Offer a productivity tip (regardless of your niche, they’ll appreciate it!)
  • Share an infographic, podcast or video as opposed to simply linking to text-based articles
  • Start a hashtag chat
  • Share a cool statistic about your niche or industry
  • Tweet Twitter-related news or tips (after all, you and your followers both use the medium)
  • Don’t wait for Follow Friday to highlight great followers! Give them some love if they deserve it
  • Create a hashtag for and tips that you share, and include it with all related tweets
  • Tweet about a favorite TV show or movie, which will show your followers your fun side
  • Start tweeting a photo series of life at your office

And always remember: Your Twitter stream is beautiful inside, no matter what they say – and you can do it!

(Thumbs up image from Shutterstock)