Check Out This Twitter Image Browser, Twizgrid

Ever wanted a visual representation of what people are posting on Twitter? Well, this is kind of what we have here – it’s certainly visual! And no – it isn’t a graph dissecting the subject matter found in tweets, it’s something much cooler and interesting – pictures.

This app, Twizgrid, grabs Twitter photos and presents them grid-style, similar to how one views pictures in Instagram or Pinterest, allowing you to see what kind of photos people are tweeting.

Twizgrid is “an image browser designed to help you easily search and display visual content posted on Twitter.” It’s a free app that you can use on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it is not affiliated with Twitter (though it probably should be! Hint, hint Twitter!)

When you sign in to Twizgrid, you may be shocked to learn that using it does not require a Twitter account. This also means that the images Twizgrid returns are not only from the folks you follow, they’re from everyone on Twitter. Nice! The only limitation of Twizgrid is that it is only able to show recent images, meaning posts that are about a week old – so if you log on and see an image you like, be sure to tweet it or save it or “favorite” it (it will show up as a favorite on your Twitter account) before it’s gone!

If you do decide to connect your Twitter account, know that connecting more than one handle is a breeze. And it allows you designate a default handle for sharing.

Though the service is restricted to users over 17 due to the possibility Twizgrid may display objectionable material, there is also a “safe mode” viewing option that helps prevent (but doesn’t entirely stop) adult content from appearing in the grid.

Twizgrid can search for photos by keyword, #hashtag, album searches and geo searches. We’ll explain those last two now.

Album searches aren’t searches of your albums – they’re searches of Twizgrid’s albums, grouped by subject matter. The album names change continually “to keep things interesting and relevant.” For example, current albums include faves, cars, charities, fashion & design, food, nature, pets, travel and Twizerati. We’re not sure what gets one placed on that last list, but a pic of Rihanna was there sporting red hair.

Geo searches are pretty cool. They “permit you to focus you search request to tweets within a selected radius of a desired location.” And there are three ways to do it:

1. Use your present location

2. Drag and drop the pin to any location on the Twizgrid map

3. Type the name of the venue you would like to search (we haven’t had much luck with this search option yet though)

It’s just another way to get lost in the moment online. Check it out and let us know what you think!

(Young man framing photo image from Shutterstock)