Twitter Is Helping Brands Drive Conversations With ‘Instant Unlock Cards’

Users receive extra content for engagement

Headshot of Marty Swant

Twitter is hoping the allure of exclusive content might help brands better engage with consumers and drive conversation.

The company is unveiling an "Instant Unlock Card" that encourages people to tweet about a brand in order to earn rewards such as a movie trailer or an exclusive Q&A.

The cards, which roll out globally today, utilize the social media network's conversational ads. The product, which debuted in January, contain images or videos with call-to-action buttons and a customizable hashtag. And Twitter says it works—during a beta test, brands saw an average earned media rate of 34 percent. (In other words, for every 100 paid impressions, the cards gained the advertiser 34 non-paid impressions.)

Twitter is also launching advanced analytics to help track and measure the conversational units. The measurement tools, available through the Twitter Ads dashboard, show engagement and earned media metrics from each campaign.

"Even more campaign insights are available to all global marketers through Brand Hub's Watchlist feature," according to a Twitter blog post. "See how many people are tweeting your campaign hashtag, how many impressions your campaign earned, and check out the most influential tweets. (Select US advertisers can also track the impact conversational ads have on their TrueVoice score, a metric to help track share of brand conversation in real time.)"

To illustrate their effect, Twitter pointed out use cases by AMC, Coca-Cola and Marvel, which each ran campaigns on the platform using the conversational formats. For example, Coca-Cola used the conversational ads for its #TasteTheFeeling campaign and gained 180,000 mentions of Coca-Cola or the hashtag. The conversation drove the brand to become one of the top organic trends of the day.

@martyswant Marty Swant is a former technology staff writer for Adweek.