Twitter Flunks Greenpeace’s Energy Report

Twitter Flunks Greenpeace's Energy Report

Apparently, 140-characters gobbles up a lot of energy. Twitter ranks as one of the worst offenders on Greenpeace’s #ClickClean report, examining the energy habits of the top internet companies around the world.

The report took a look at four factors that make a company “green”: energy transparency, commitment to renewable energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy use and advocacy. And Twitter scored Fs in nearly every category.

Twitter – despite not owning any of its own data centers – is conspicuously silent about the type and amount of electricity it uses. Even after its IPO the company did not make any effort to increase transparency about what type of energy powers its efforts.

According to the report:

“Twitter has made no public effort to procure renewable energy for its data centers or advocate for a greater renewable energy mix with its utilities or with policymakers at the state or federal level. While other technology companies have accepted some responsibility – and recognized an opportunity to exercise their trademark disruption in positive ways by engaging in energy issues – Twitter has remained silent.”

The only company that scored as poorly as Twitter was Amazon, also earning mostly Fs on the report.

Twitter’s attitude toward green energy is in stark contrast to its top competitor, Facebook. About half of Facebook’s energy use comes from green sources, and Greenpeace gave the social network three As and one B in its report, tying it with Apple for the top spot.

For the full report on how green Twitter and other major internet companies are, read Clicking Clean [PDF].

(Source: Greenpeace; Fail image via Shutterstock)