Twitter Is Giving Brands and Publishers More Insights Into How Their Tweets Perform

New dashboard will offer detailed share analytics

Twitter is diving even deeper into data. The social media platform is now giving publishers and brands more insights into how their tweets perform.

Today, the company introduced analytics for Twitter Cards, which allow companies to track how media-filled tweets perform—such as how many users share content and what type of users do the most sharing.

“For the first time you can gain insight into how your content is performing on Twitter, and find personalized tips to help make more strategic decisions about your use of Cards,” Twitter said in its blog post announcing the new tools.

Last year, Twitter introduced Cards, giving media partners a way to share content that was more than just words. The Cards display news, photos and videos, and they turned Twitter into a more visual platform.

Now, an analytics dashboard will help publishers and brands adjust their content to help get the best performance.

“Small changes––using a different Twitter Card, conversing more with the followers who love your content, or installing or changing the location of a Tweet button––can make a big difference,” Twitter said.

The first partners to use the new tools include BuzzFeed, NBC News, Time Inc., ESPN, MLB, Flipboard, Etsy, Foursquare and Path.

Twitter is committed to showing the power of its data this year, ad industry insiders said. Last week, the company released details of American Apparel promotions on the network and its effect on generating customers. The company is making the case to advertisers that it rivals Facebook with its ability to understand its audience and track ad performance—ideally from tweet to sale.

Facebook and Twitter are both experimenting beyond their networks and serving mobile ads to outside apps, using their consumer data to target audiences no matter where they are.

The user information is one part of the equation—ad products are another. Publishers and brands are using Twitter Cards to share engaging content, including more video, which many see as key to capturing larger audiences and encouraging them to share more.

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