Twitter Gets New CEO: Dick Costolo

Dick Costolo, the former COO of Twitter, has now become the CEO of Twitter, as announced on the Twitter blog moments ago. Dick has been the COO for one year, and has proven himself as capable in executing Twitter’s latest revenue offerings, including sponsored ads on the right side. Twitter has grown dramatically over the last year, and has become the 7th most trafficked site on the web in the United States (according to Alexa). Read more below.

Dick obviously has an incredible history in the web space, and was the founder of Feedburner, the RSS aggregation service before it was acquired by Google in 2007. He also worked with Google as a Group Product Manager for a short while.

We’ll have more information soon, and send our congratulations to Dick who can be found on Twitter here.

[Update: 3:16pm]

“I love working with Evan Williams. During his tenure as CEO, Twitter has gone from 20 employees to 300, from three million registered users to more than 165 million, and from 1.25 million Tweets per day to 90 million today, and he’s done all this while keeping Twitter’s unique culture intact. I completely respect his decision to focus on product strategy and vision. As we’ve all see with the new Twitter, when Ev focuses on product, something amazing can happen. I’m certainly excited to be taking on this role. You couldn’t ask to take a job like this at a better time – the team is incredible, we have awesome stuff in the pipeline, and we’re ready to accomplish more in the next two years than we’ve accomplished in the last four.”

– Dick Costolo, CEO

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