Twitter For Android Has Just Had A Major Features Facelift

Good news, Android users: Twitter for Android has been updated, and the new features will, if not totally “wow” you, give you one more reason to unchain from your desk and tweet on the go.

Announced on Wednesday on the Twitter blog, Twitter for Android has gotten a much-requested features facelift.

As Twitter explains, most of the new features were requested by users, so they’ll feel pretty intuitive.

The app now offers push notifications (finally), for those who like to know exactly when they get a retweet or an @mention. To set up push notifications on the new version of Twitter for Android, simply log in to your Twitter account, navigate to your account settings, select automatic refresh, and choose to receive notifications for DMs, @mentions and tweets.

Arguably the more exciting feature is Twitter for Android’s ability to handle multiple accounts.

You can now tweet from your personal and your business account from the official Twitter app without having to log out of one and log into the other. This might pull some users away from third-party apps like TweetDeck and HootSuite, especially if their only reason for not using the official app was the lack of multiple account support.

Twitter notes that it has updated the app in a number of smaller ways as well, such as tackling bugs and improving the home screen widgets.

If you’re an Android user, you can access the new and improved version of Twitter for Android by visiting the Marketplace.