The More Followers You Have, The Less You Tweet [STUDY]

A new study by Andrew T. Stephen, marketing professor at the University of Pittsburgh, and Olivier Toubia, business professor at Columbia, predicts that as Twitter continues to mature, more people will be consuming content on the platform rather than producing it.

Twitter, the study has it, will become “a prime vehicle” for advertising, moving away from being a content production tool.

Let’s look at a little closer at the data that supports this bold claim.

In an effort to determine why people tweet, Stephen and Toubia identified 2,500 Twitter users and gradually increased their followers by 100.

For those who originally had just 13-26 followers, the uptick in followers increased their Twitter activity. But those who originally had 62-245 followers actually tweeted less as their follower count increased.

The study basically suggests that as people gain more Twitter followers, they tweet less.

Why would people tweet less when they have more listeners?

The professors reason that, once a Twitter user achieves a certain status level, he or she is concerned about preserving it, loathe to tweet anything that might disturb that positioning.

Stephen and Toubia drew the conclusion that, therefore, as Twitter continues to grow, it may become less interactive and more of an ad broadcast medium.

Do you think the number of followers you have affects the amount you tweet?