Twitter Paid Less Than $20 for Its First Logo

Twitter Paid Less Than $20 For Its First Logo

Twitter’s Larry Bird hasn’t always been the happy little blue bird pictured above. His original incarnation was white, and cost little more than a couple of cups of coffee to produce.

Business Insider has the scoop on Twitter’s very first logo.

Back when Twitter launched in 2006, it seemed like the founders scrambled a bit to find a suitable logo. While “Twitter” (or Twttr as it was spelled at the time) lends itself to bird imagery, none of the founders was up to the task of creating a logo – so they bought one from iStock.

twitter's first logo

That little white bird, who was presumably much less expressive than today’s Twitter logo, was the first real Twitter logo. And it cost the team about $15.

Designed by British graphic designer Simon Oxley, the white bird on a branch was a stock image available to anyone to download.

By 2009 Twitter had decided to ditch the little white bird in favor of an early version of their current blue bird logo, and in 2012 rebranded again to produce the current logo.