17% Of Couples Use Twitter And Facebook To Plan Their Wedding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ah, weddings. Some say they’re the best day of your life. I agree. Especially when there’s an open bar and the bride and groom leave early.

But what part is social media playing in the modern marriage ceremony? Well, according to this infographic from fine jeweler Sparkle N Dazzle Co, 17 percent of women couples are now using social media to plan and share information about their weddings. And some are even designating a Chief Twitterer to live-tweet the big event, in real time, as it happens.

Yes, I know: sounds horrible.

Still, who am I to ruin their special day? See you at the bar. I’ll be the guy shaking his head while telling everyone that I can’t believe she had the audacity to wear white.

(Source: Sparkle N Dazzle Co. Top image credit: blackbirdie via Shutterstock.)