If Twitter And Facebook Were Real Life [VIDEO]

Ever thought about how bizarre, strange and downright surreal your online life is, particularly within the world of social media?

What if we applied those some habits and practices to the offline world? For example, can you imagine constantly asking people you don’t really know to be your friend, and hoping they’ll be convinced when they see your personal photos? Or telling someone pretty random that you’re now ‘following’ them… and hoping they’ll follow you back?

Or going around announcing to everyone how much you like everything? And openly sharing your relationship status!?

On Twitter and Facebook these actions are not only entirely normal, they’re expected. But let’s face it: if we did these things in ‘real life’ we’d look a little… nuts.

This video from the English National Opera reminds us how in just a few years these actions have gone from being new and weird to normal and accepted. Online, that is. Offline, you’re still gonna seem a little crazy.