Twitter Rejected $500 Million Facebook Buyout, Says Founder

Twitter Rejected $500 Million Facebook Buyout, Says Founder

Twitter turned down a $500 million buyout offer from Facebook several years ago, co-founder Biz Stone has revealed to Sky News.

Stone, who is in the United Kingdom promoting his new book, Things A Little Bird Told Me, says that he and fellow founder Evan Williams had a meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg where the latter expressed an interest in buying Twitter.

However, neither Stone nor Williams wanted to sell, so together they came up with a number “so big… no-one would ever say yes to it.”

That number was $500 million. The problem? Zuckerberg, despite saying he felt it was a “big number”, drew up an offer later that same day.

But Stone and Williams turned him down. Twitter now has a value of $23 billion, which Stone says feels “strange”.

“I’ve come to terms with it but I wouldn’t call it surprised – it feels strange in a good way to go to the shopping mall and see the little bird I drew,” he said.

“It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were just a rag tag group of guys.”

(Source: Sky News.)