Twitter Registration Bug Leaves Thousands Of New Users Unable To Confirm Their Profiles

Back in March, Twitter unveiled some impressive statistics about the platform, one of which was the average number of new accounts created each day over the past month: 460,000.

Today that number is likely to be a lot lower, thanks to a registration error that is preventing new users from being able to authenticate their profiles.

And as you might imagine: they’re not happy about it.

I experienced the problem myself after trying to set up a new Twitter profile for a client. Twitter sends you an email asking you to confirm the new account, but today when you click on the link they provide you don’t get confirmation at all. Instead, you’re treated it’s a lovely error page.

New accounts have various restrictions until they are authenticated – you can’t, for example, upload an avatar.

Re-sending the confirmation email doesn’t help.

This is a known issue within Twitter. In fact, it’s actually been a problem since 1130 PST yesterday.

Users who created Twitter accounts today starting around 11:30 a.m. PST received emails asking them to confirm their email addresses by clicking a link. However, some users report that when they clicked the link contained in that email they were taken to a page on Twitter that displayed the message, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” and they were unable to confirm the email address.

Twitter reports that they are ‘working to fix the problem as soon as possible’. That’s not enough for some folks, who are perhaps understandably disgruntled that they’re having problems with the network on their very first day.

It’s not clear how Twitter is going to inform what could potentially be hundreds of thousands of new users if and when this issue is resolved. Suffice to say, very few of them are going to remember this as positive start to their Twitter experience.