After LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, The Latest To Get Disconnected From Twitter Is IFTTT

Twitter has been on a virtual rampage lately, shutting its doors to prominent companies who had been used to displaying and interacting tweets for years. Businesses like LinkedIn appear to be doing just fine after being ousted by Twitter, but the latest to be put on the chopping block might not be so lucky.

IFTTT, or If This Then That, is a service that curates, automates and organizes digital information. Users are able to create “If…Then” statements to organize their data, and many users relied on IFTTT to sift through their tweets. “Recipes” on IFTTT that augmented the Twitter experience included those that allowed users to archive their tweets or push out an automated tweet whenever an RSS feed is updated.

But now, all of the Twitter-related functionality of IFTTT will be yanked.

The company sent its users an email explaining that they would no longer be able to tap into the Twitter API, so all recipes that included Twitter would stop functioning after September 27th.

IFTTT is the latest in a long line of companies that have felt the sting of Twitter’s API restrictions. LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumblr have all had Twitter access revoked.

When Twitter updated its API guidelines, IFTTT found itself on the wrong end of the rules. The Next Web reports that IFTTT likely stumbled on the following clause from Twitter: “Don’t resyndicate data. If your service consumes Twitter data, don’t take that data and expose it via an API, post it to other cloud services, and so on.”

This clause was made public by Twitter earlier in the summer, but they started really enforcing it – and others – in recent weeks. IFTTT knew about the rules for some time, and, as TechCrunch points out, their disconnect from Twitter appears to simply coincide with the latest hammer that Twitter dropped, but was not directly caused by it.

Are you an IFTTT user? Will you miss the Twitter functionality?

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