Twitter: 900,000 Apps, 600,000 Developers And 13 Billion API Requests Per Day [STATS]

Twitter’s #devnest conference began in San Francisco yesterday, and the company has shared some pretty amazing stats that reveal just how large the Twitter ecosystem has become, how rapidly the platform continues to expand and the vast impact being made by independent developers around the world.

The event was kicked off by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, and executive chairman Jack Dorsey shared an image last night.

Twitter spoke about their growing infrastructure and the impact that independent coders have made to the platform.

Jason Costa, Twitter’s developer relations manager, observed that “analytics, content, curation, publishing [and] enterprise” have been the five key areas of opportunity for developers.

The figures are certainly impressive. Highlights include:

  • In Q1 2011, Twitter saw a 41% increase in tweets per day
  • Monthly signups also grew by 52%
  • Mobile usage has gone through the roof – 104% up on Android, 72% on the iPad, 55% on the iPhone and 51% on Blackberry (this might by why)
  • There are now 600,000 developers working on apps that use Twitter’s API
  • A heady 900,000 applications integrate with Twitter in some capacity
  • Twitter now processes an incredible 13 billion API requests each and every day

When you consider the sheer magnitude of that final number, it’s pretty unbelievable that they’ve managed to restrict appearances of the dreaded Fail Whale to the occasional fleeting visit. Hats off, Twitter team. Hats off.

(Source: The Next Web.)

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