Twitter Competitor Reaches Funding Goal – Now What?

So has blasted straight through its $500k Kickstarter goal and is currently at $744 with eleven hours left. And this is making Dalton Caldwell,’s founder, the talk of Twitter.

The look and feel of the Alpha site is very Twitterish and early users are snapping up their Twitter handles with a quickness (it will be first come, first serve later).

But outside of potentially losing out on snagging your Twitter handle on a new platform that you likely don’t care about (yet) – what’s the big deal about That part is a little complicated.

Right now, is really a developer’s playground, with the conversation largely revolving around what’s next for this new platform and nothing more. The folks on there are really excited and very active – and they’ve already started building apps. Here’s a crowdsourced list of a few.

And he’s what the global feed looks like:


So what happens now that has reached its fundraising goal? According to Dalton Caldwell, the terms of service will come first and then the rest:

Though we’re aren’t understanding how he’s finding time to draft this ToS with so many people coming at him on Twitter linking to articles detailing either why will fail or how it’s destined to change everything online. It would have to be distracting.

Are developers ticked off enough at Twitter and Facebook to risk their time and money to join and make something new and fantastic? It seems many are, but just as many aren’t – calling the project well-intended and optimistic but doomed.

And what about the rest of us? Are you willing to pay $50 to be part of something potentially amazing but still largely undefined? Or are you taking a ‘wait and see’ approach? Check out the links above detailing both sides of the debate and then let us know what you think!

(Risk/reward image from Shutterstock)

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