Twitter Teams Up With Comedy Central To Host A Five-Day Laugh Fest

The next chapter in the story of the Twitter and Viacom partnership is a five-day comedy festival co-presented with Comedy Central.

According to the New York Times, the Twitter comedy festival will be played out in tweets and Vines.

The festival, using the hashtag “ComedyFest,” will debut April 29. Over five days, comedians – both amateur and professional – will tweet jokes and post Vines. For example, comedian Steve Agee will host a “Vine Dining” party of six-second video stories.

Twitter makes total sense as a digital-age platform for comedians – just follow our Twitticisms series for proof that 140 characters are all you need for a witty wisecrack.

And given the discovery engine that Twitter #Music has already proven to be, the event series will likely be a great way for fresh comedic talent to get noticed.

Apparently after the fest, Comedy Central is expected to launch CC: Stand-Up, a free, ad-supported app that features comedians’ performances. A recommendation algorithm (like the one used by Amazon) will allow users to discover new comedians.

In anticipation of the Twitter comedy fest, check out my Hilarity list on Twitter.

I guess brevity really is the soul of wit.

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