REVEALED: The 10 Most Tweeted CAPS LOCK Words On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Okay. I admit it. I’m a bit of a stickler for perfection.

We all make mistakes – and simply by writing this article I’ve increased the likelihood that I will make at least one glaring error by several magnitudes (aka, Muphry’s Law) – and it’s easy to excuse the odd typographic error or spelling glitch.

But one thing that constantly grinds my gears is the use of CAPS LOCK in tweets and text messages, particularly where it isn’t warranted. For example, THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE TWEET (YO). You see, I’ve been on the internet for a long, long time. In a galaxy far, far away. Back in the days before there was a world wide web, where just a few of us geeks trailblazers led the way by communicating with each other on bulletin boards. You know, about transistors and stuff.

And even back then, writing in capitals meant one thing: YOU WERE SHOUTING. And nobody likes a shouter.


Text messaging and Twitter have taken this problem and worsened it many, many times over. It’s forgiveable for one-word emphasis and acronyms, but there’s a special place reserved in hell for those who tweet each and every word in capital letters. And by jove, let ‘em burn.

Still, ahead of this glorious inferno, there’s analysis to be done. Namely, which CAPS LOCKED words and phrases are tweeted most across Twitter?

Thanks to Capscop, a Twitter bot that searches for tweets that are all in capital letters and fires snarky replies back to the author, the results are in. And they might surprise you, because the winner isn’t LOL. Or OMG.

It’s JUST.

Yep, JUST accounts for 13 percent of the most tweeted caps locked words on Twitter, ahead of FUCK (12 percent), LOVE (11 percent), GO (11 percent) and GOT (11 percent).

For phrases, CAN’T WAIT (10 percent) finished numero uno, with JUST GOT (9 percent), WANNA GO (7 percent), HAPPY BIRTHDAY (7 percent) and JUST WANT (7 percent) bringing up the rear.

This, and other, teeth-grindingly fascinating caps lock data, can be seen in the infographic below.

Hopefully this visualisation is accurate, and the caps lock key will soon be leaving our keyboards forever. In the meantime, you can easily play your part by turning the darn thing off. And leaving it off.


(Caps lock image via Shutterstock.)