Twitter Business Tools, Tips And Tactics

Have you signed up for Twitter and that’s about as far as you got?

Or maybe you’re using it, but not seeing results and just doing know where to start?

If you join us for the AllTwitter Marketing Conference next month, you’ll not only learn where to start – you’ll leave a pro (especially if you pay close attention during the panel I’m moderating).

You’ve likely realized by now that Twitter comes with a pretty steep learning curve. Maybe you don’t want to admit that you’re underwater, that’s okay. We get it (and we won’t tell anyone, shh.)

But even if you already think you “get” Twitter, you can’t possibly know all the pro tips you’ll learn at this conference. How can I be so sure? I write about Twitter all day and I’m constantly learning something new.

If you want to raise awareness of your brand (or know how to do this for others), you need to use the right tools – and there are just so many choices out there.

The Twitter pros populating THIS panel (from 3:15-4pm PT on June 4) will show you how to use Twitter to your advantage, you know – work smarter not harder.

For example, ever wonder which official and third-party apps and services enable brands to generate the greatest levels of engagement and maximize ROI? We’ve got you covered. And here are some of the topics we’ll also be covering:

  • What should a business new to Twitter be doing straight away to raise awareness and drive engagement?
  • What are some mistakes that brands make when using Twitter?
  • What is the single most important Twitter metric for monitoring ROI?
  • Does mobile marketing on Twitter require an entirely different strategy? What about local marketing?
  • What are the best third-party Twitter apps for businesses?
  • How effective are Twitter ads? Are they the only legitimate way to “buy” followers on Twitter?

AND there are other equally information-packed panels and presentations that day too.

So if you want key takeaways that are immediately actionable into Twitter marketing tactics for your brand, products and services, make sure you don’t miss this event. Or I’m sure you can always figure it all out on your own – in a year or two.

Register here. Hope to see you there!