According To Twitter, People Actually Enjoyed Black Friday This Year [STATS]

Despite the crush of crowds and the risk of serious bodily harm, shoppers seemed to feel pretty positive towards Black Friday this year – at least according to Twitter sentiment.

As Mashable reports, Twitter users flocked to the network to talk about Black Friday. But they weren’t going there to complain.

More shoppers expressed positive sentiment toward Black Friday this year than they did in 2012, according to sentiment analysis from Crimson Hexagon.

Nearly half (45 percent) of all tweets that mentioned Black Friday leading up to the big day were positive in nature, compared to just 38 percent from 2012. And negative sentiment also fell from 39 percent in 2012 to 36 percent in 2013 (with nearly half of these tweets complaining about having to work).

25 percent of the positive Black Friday tweets expressed excitement about the mad shopping day, and 19 percent were focused on specific deals. Only 5 percent of all users tweeting about the day said they were going to boycott it.

Crimson Hexagon also tweeted this chart looking at the sheer mass of tweets sent each hour about Black Friday, noting that Twitter was seeing more than 12,000 tweets per hour at its peak:

Whether this new-found positivity is due to better deals this year, or simply because we’ve accepted the harsh realities of Black Friday department store battlegrounds, it’s pretty clear that consumers are warming up to the idea of frantic deal-grabbing and hair-pulling.

For more on Twitter’s reaction to Black Friday, including which products were the mot sought-after and where in the US the most excited tweeters live, take a look at this infographic from Sysomos.

(Crowded mall image via Shutterstock)