15.1% Of Americans Can’t Access Twitter In The Workplace

How prevalent is social media in the workplace?

A new chart from Statista and Mashable culls data from an extensive workplace survey conducted among 1,021 half-time and full-time employees in the U.S. to show which websites and services are blocked at workplaces by employers.

It turns out that 19.4% of American employees say Facebook is blocked at work, followed by 15.% for Twitter.

13.7% can’t access YouTube, 11.2% can’t log onto Pinterest, and 9.7% can’t use LinkedIn at the office (irony with that last one?).

The thing is that, as we reported a few months ago, 46% of workers say that their productivity has actually increased because of social media use in the office, and more than one-third (37%) say that they could do their job better if their organization’s management was more on-board in the use of social tools in the workplace.

Can you access Twitter at work? What about other social media sites?

(Source: Mashable.)