Twitter April Fool’s Day Prank Kills Puppy

If you post a sensational headline and it doesn’t pay off, you risk annoying readers unless you have a really good reason for it. And if you post an April Fool’s Day joke on social media and do not add a little note at the end letting readers laugh along with you, you risk that they’ll believe it and share it – and you risk possibly getting into a boatload of trouble for it. (FYI – there is no puppy in this story.)

Lots of people love April Fool’s Day – and why wouldn’t they? It’s the only day, outside of Halloween, when it’s socially acceptable to scare the crap out of someone or say something that is either psychologically damaging or heartbreaking without any repercussions! And if you believe the latter, you’ll likely find this story about the “state lawmaker being hospitalized after a car accident” twitter slip-up hilarious. Wonder if it made anyone worry – like what happened to Reba McEntire’s nephew when he heard about her death hoax (that was spread via social media) and became hysterical? Funny stuff.

But along those lines, probably the BEST prank this year wasn’t a post at all. It was a prank phone call to the police from a man claiming there was a shooting (and a bomb) at a local high school in the U.K. It certainly makes the Forbes blog post claiming Mitt Romney ceded the race to Rick Santorum pale in comparison!

You can find a bunch of tweets from folks who understood NOT to take it too far by checking out the #AprilFools hashtag. Outside of Conan O’Brien taking over Mashable for the day and Anonymous joining the FBI, here are a couple favorites:

Did you see or participate in any great pranks yesterday?


(Girl with slingshot image from Shutterstock)