Twitter Testing Its App For Google Glass

A tweet from an official Twitter Glass app has been spotted, meaning the roll-out of said app can’t be far behind.

Jonathan Gottfried, Twilio’s Developer Evangelist, has already built an unofficial Google Glass app called GlassTweet.

But if Twitter itself is working on a Glass app, that’s a whole different story.

Here’s the telltale tweet TechCrunch found, which has since been deleted (along with the account that sent the tweet):

Notice the “Twitter for Glass” label, which denotes what app the tweet came from.

And during the Glass Collective announcement earlier this month, tech venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr did mention that Twitter was thinking about working on its own app for Glass.

Further, AllThingsD did a little sleuthing and found that, though @MogroothMuddler has been deleted, the existent handle @Mogrooth belongs to Shiv Ramamurthi, a mobile engineering manager over at Twitter who uses “Mogrooth” across multiple accounts, including his LinkedIn profile and other currently active Twitter accounts that he uses as test handles.

Basically, if the teased release of Twitter #Music is anything to go by, there might be an official Twitter Google Glass app coming our way some time soon.

Think about the challenges of developing a Twitter Glass app, though – it wouldn’t be feasible to develop something that sent every tweet, mention or reply lighting up in your face. There would have to be a careful balance between the value of information from your Twitter and the frequency with which it is delivered.

Time will tell.

(H/t: TechCrunch; image via