Twitter’s API Team Launches Official YouTube Channel For Developers

In the last few days Twitter has launched an official YouTube channel for their API team, which opens with a collection of videos from the recent Devnest conference, including talks from Dick Costolo, Ryan Sarver, Quora, Klout and The Guardian newspaper.

In an email to Twitter’s Development Talk mailing list, developer manager Jason Costa has promised more content, and he has reached out to developers for their thoughts on what they’d like to see featured.

“Going forward, we’d like to add a lot more content, and want to ask you: what would you like to see on this channel? Interviews with engineers on how and why they built something? An overview of how to consume the Streaming API? An OAuth debugging tutorial? We’d love to know what you’d like to see,” writes Costa.

Currently the channel is pretty low key, with 14 videos and about 63 subscribers. But even though Twitter has put the developer world very much on their guard in recent months, this could become a popular and informative resource if managed correctly, and might help to appease some of those concerns. Chances are that’s a big part of why they’ve done it.

(Hat tip: RWW.)