Twitter Adds New Search Features: “Top News” And “Top People”

Twitter has quietly unveiled two new search result filters to select users on the network. Both “Top News” and “Top People” allow users to filter search results by either news story or related Twitter account, cementing Twitter’s place as the go-to network for breaking news.

The two new features are not yet available to all users (I don’t have access yet), but, if they follow in the trend of most Twitter updates, they should be accessible by everyone in a few weeks.

When a user uses Twitter’s web interface,, to search for a hashtag or keyword, they will now see a box which highlights either a top news article or Twitter account related to that term.

“Top News” displays a relevant news articles in a box at the top of the search results, and “Top People” highlights Twitter accounts that are somehow associated with a particular search query.

GigaOm got early access to these two new search features, and were able to grab a screenshot of them in action. Check out the search results, which include a “Top People” box, for the search term “Obama” below (click to enlarge):

For new and casual Twitter users, these features will be a boon. They highlight relevant information – either a news article or account – that makes Twitter search ultra-simple for anyone looking for a quick result.

For more seasoned tweeters, these two features might not be as profound, as long-time users will be able to navigate Twitter’s search more effectively and probably won’t need news pieces and accounts highlighted.

However, these new search features do work towards improving Twitter’s images as the number one place for breaking news and connecting with newsmakers.