Twitter Acquires Whisper Systems To Bolster Security

Twitter has acquired Whisper Systems, a company that builds enterprise-level security software on Android.

The acquisition will likely be used to improve Twitter’s own security, and assuage worries that the network is vulnerable to hackers and other nefarious types.

Whisper Systems has a number of products in beta, including WhisperCore, robust device and data security for Android, and RedPhone, encrypted voice for Android.

It looks like Twitter has acquired Whisper System to bring aboard its talent, as opposed to its products. A talented group of security experts would be a boon to Twitter, which has had some serious problems with hackers and security problems in the past – as of September, 8 of the then top 10 Twitter users had been hacked, and many thousands of other users had experienced some form of hacking or phishing.

However, a significant amount of Twitter’s security problems have arisen because the user wasn’t able to secure him or herself, not because of a flaw in the network. Falling victim to phishing scams or clicking on malicious links from hijacked accounts are common ways that people lose access to their passwords and their accounts. Tackling this problem will be tough, but Whisper Systems’ security expertise should help, especially when it comes to bots and hackers.

Whisper Systems explains on its blog that its current suite of products will remain available to users even after the acquisition, but that they must be taken offline for a period of time during the transition period, and will be reintroduced at a later date.

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