Twitter Can Help Students Get Better Grades (But Only When Used Correctly) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does Twitter have a legitimate place in the classroom?

Some 56 percent of Twitter-using college faculties allow the use of Twitter in class, and while it remains a contentious issue, studies have shown that, used correctly, the use of Twitter can boost student grades, as well as empowering those who are otherwise less likely to engage with their teachers.

A new report has reiterated these findings, suggesting that integrating Twitter into a college class significantly raises student GPA and engagement. However, these benefits were only realised when certain conditions were met.

  1. The use of Twitter must be required (and not optional)
  2. Frameworks must be in place to make the use of Twitter structured
  3. Professors must participate

Failing to meet this criteria led to no difference in GPA or student engagement.

This infographic takes a closer look at the benefits of using Twitter in the classroom.


(Source: Educational Psychology. Chalkboard  icon via Shutterstock.)