Twitch Introduces Pulse, a Facebook-Style News Feed

Twitch's new Pulse feed allows users to view all posts shared by friends and users they follow in a single place

Live-streaming platform Twitch introduced Pulse, a Facebook-style news feed. Unlike the platform’s Channel Feeds—which are located on channel pages and feature content posted by individual broadcaster—the Pulse feed will allow users to view every post shared by their friends or users they follow in a single place.

The Pulse feature allows viewers to add posts directly from Twitch’s front page. Broadcasters, meanwhile, can share posts to their Channel Feeds, and these posts will automatically appear in the Pulse feeds of all of their friends and followers.

In a blog post, Twitch’s Sheila Raju commented:

For streamers, the posts you create on your Channel Feed will also appear on Pulse on the front page to all of your friends and followers. This will allow you to not only interact with followers and viewers you regularly engage with, but also with those who might not visit your channel page as frequently.

In addition, Raju said the Channel Feed feature will be auto-enabled for all broadcasters in mid-March.

So far, Pulse posts support text; links; videos from Twitch, YouTube and Vimeo; and images from Imgur and Gfycat. Raju said the platform will add support for other types of content in the future.

Pulse is now rolling out for logged-in users on Twitch’s front page. The feature will also come to the Twitch Mobile application, allowing users to share and interact with content while away from the computer.