Twingly Presents Blog Rank and Top 100 Blogs

Blog Search Engine Twingly has been around for quite some time now. According to Twingly, it currently serves around 25M plus search results per month through its API for the whole blogosphere. Twingly’s prime service, the Twingly Blogstream which is a moderated trackback service for large websites has provided measurably higher visitor engagement and bigger attentin in the blogosphere. In addition, Twingly’s Blogstream has been used by 50 newspapers, magazines and television channels in 8 countries. And as an early Christmas gift Twingly is rolling out its newest product/service – Blog Rank, as well as launching its top 100 Blogs list.

First, the Twingly Blog Rank, a Google Page Rank-like service made specifically to measure the web prominence of blogs only. The Twingly Blog Rank is based on inlinks and likes which indicate how much influence and importance a particular blog has become. This Blog Rank is viewable by searching your blog on the Twingly blog search engine and when you see your blog in one of the results, simply click on the “Profile” link to display your Blog Rank.

As an additional feature, Twingly would also let you grab a piece of code which you can embed into your blog to display your Twingly Blog Rank badge. Here’s Rotorblog’s Twingly Blog Rank Badge as an example.

That’s pretty much there is to the Twingly Blog Rank service. And while you’re at it, you might want to grabe some widgets also relating to your blogs including, a list of blogs which link to your site, most linked posts on your blogs and your most recent blog posts.

The other early Christmas gift of Twingly is its top 100 Blogs List, which is based on I supposed to the blog’s current ranking as measured by Twingly’s metrics system. Expectedly, the number 1 blog according to Twingly is none other than TechCrunch. You may check out the rest of Twingly’s Top 100 Blogs here.