Twine App Lets You Flirt Anonymously with Strangers

Singles are raving about the new flirting app, Twine, because it lets them meet and talk with strangers without revealing their identity. Unlike other dating apps, Twine ensures balance by queuing users until there is an equal number of men to women. Plus, their video is a great demonstration of dating diversity. Watch it below.

Twine doesn’t want you to miss another “interesting stranger” – and they’re right! Growing up, we’re told to not talk to strangers, but if you never talk, you’ll never meet. Just bump your phones to make a connection. The app even provides you with some ice breakers to help you start conversations.

The best part about Twine is privacy. You can choose to keep your identity hidden until you both feel safe enough to reveal it.

What’s sent in a reveal request?

When you send a reveal request, all that is initially sent is a message to your connection saying “Congratulations! Your connection wants to reveal with you”. No personal information, including photos or name, will be sent before you BOTH accept the reveal request.

Once I reveal, am I still anonymous?

Once you are revealed, your photos and your name are shown to your twine. With your photos and name revealed, just like any other social network, there’s the possibility of your identity being traced.

If you are in the queue for the app, just invite a member of the opposite sex to join with you so you don’t have to wait.