Tweets To Be Used As Evidence In Trial Against Former Ukrainian Prime Minister

The former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, has fully embraced the power of Twitter in politics – much to the chagrin the judge who is presiding over her trial for abuses of power and corruption.

Tweeting from @YuliaTymoshenko, Tymoshenko regales her 28,000+ followers with tales of the comical goings-on inside the courtroom. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the young judge presiding over her trial isn’t happy with how she’s been describing him.

As Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty (RFERL) reports, yesterday, judge Rodion Kireyev admitted into evidence all of Tymoshenko’s tweets pertaining to the trial, claiming that they highlight her “inappropriate language with respect to the court.”

And some suspect that the underlying motive is the judge’s shame at not being able to control his courtroom. According to RFERL, the courtroom – full of Tymoshenko’s supporters – regularly breaks out in applause or catcalls of “shame” and “lies” with the judge unable to regain control. In fact, he has apparently had to bring in special forces called “Griphon” to keep the gallery under control and even evict some members for being too rowdy.

Here are a few of Tymoshenko’s tweets, translated by RFERL, about the trial:

“The Judge, like a wounded bird is shouting at people in the courtroom for applauding the statement about his removal. He is threatening to have everyone removed :)))”

“This marionette in judge’s robes has given my new lawyers 3 days to acquaint themselves with 5,000 pages of prosecution materials :)))”

“I have confirmed that all the tweets are mine and that they should absolutely be part of the case. This case was already comical, now our ancestors will have something to laugh about too.”

It’s interesting to see that the judge has ordered her tweets entered into the courtroom as evidence. They may not be respectful, but from the sampling I’ve read, they don’t have anything to do with her alleged crimes.