Tweets Getting You Down? Jello Wants To Turn Your Frown Into A “Pudding Face”

See that somewhat scary face to the right? Despite appearances, it’s not someone’s over-the-top audition to be the next Joker… it’s actually Kraft’s new pudding branding campaign. It’s called “pudding face”, and they aren’t content with slapping it up on some surreal commercial: they want to see your pudding face on Twitter (but don’t worry, no plastic surgery is necessary).

This summer, Kraft’s Jello pudding brand will create a “Mood Monitor” on Twitter, which will measure just how happy or sad the Twitterverse is. And when the 🙁 faces outnumber the 🙂 faces, they’ll take action.

As AdAge reports, the pudding brand is hoping you will turn your 🙁 not into a :), but a 😀 which is, apparently, the Twitter equivalent of that freaky pudding face above. Kraft will send out coupons to randomly selected Twitter users who are tweeting sad faces, and in order to redeem them they’ve got to reply with a pudding face. Here’s how it works, via AdAge:

Kraft will “constantly monitor and visualize how many smiley faces or frown faces are being tweeted at any given moment,” Cindy Chen, Kraft’s director-marketing for Jell-O, told Ad Age. “Whenever the national average of smiley faces dips below 51%, Jello-O will take really quick action by doling out Jell-O pudding incentives, probably in the form of coupons to Twitter users who recently tweeted a frown face.”

This bizarre and creative marketing campaign is meant to raise the profile of pudding, which Kraft feels has been overshadowed by Jello and yogurt. I’m not entirely sure that taking over the long-used 😀 face and re-branding it as “pudding face” will necessarily endear the brand to consumers, but hey, at least it’s a unique marketing approach.

If you’re interested in watching the commercial that the above image comes from, you can go ahead an check out AdAge’s article.