TweetPhoto Introduces New Features, Multiple API Client Libraries, and User Authentication Support

TweetPhoto, the real-time social web photo sharing platform, just announced numerous options for developers, as well a new “link account” feature that will improve user experience. Developers now have the option of client libraries for Objective-C, Java, or .Net, in addition to the previous PHP and Python options. As well, user authentication support has been added for Twitter OAuth and Facebook Connect.

These additions supplement January’s announcement of API-based support for Foursquare. Says TweetPhoto Co-Founder Sean Callahan, “Now Android, BlackBerry and iPhone developers on the Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare platform can effortlessly take advantage of photo uploading functionality, commenting, favoriting, searching, social feeds and much more.”

A new, optional “link account” function lets developers allow users to optional tie select social networking accounts together. This feature will allow photo publishing from a developer’s application to be shared instantly to a user’s Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare account (see screenshot below and click through for a larger view).

Finally, TweetPhoto has been working on improving their API performance using a service-oriented architecture and more powerful hardware.

If you want to get started integrating TweetPhoto into your social applications, their REST API page has links to all the client libraries. (The REST API supports both XML and JSON.) You’ll need a free TweetPhoto API Key key as well.