Tweeting the Keith Olbermann Suspension

Keith Olbermann was suspended Friday afternoon by MSNBC brass for not telling them that he’d contributed to three democratic congressional candidates in the days leading up to the election — a violation of NBC News policy. The Twittersphere lit up after the news (Keith Olbermann is a trending topic in the U.S.).

Andrew Breitbart, conservative commentator:

Olbermann SUSPENDED from MSNBC Indefinitely Without Pay – for Dem Political Donations. (I’m beginning to think this guy is biased.)

Kirsten Powers, Fox News/Democratic analyst

Who cares if Keith Olbermann gave $ to dems? He’s an unabashed liberal; what’s the big shocker?

Felix Gillette, New York Observer

getting crowded in the MSNBC penalty box

Jeff Bercovici, Forbes

Prediction: @keitholbermann won’t go back to work at MSNBC after suspension. Quitting in a dust-up is his M.O.


Oh my RT @annieg917 (AP) –MSNBC has suspended prime-time host Keith Olbermann indefinitely without pay for making political contributions.


#MSNBC suspends primetime host Keith #Olbermann indefinitely for donating money to Democrats.

Olbermann, who has about 137,000 followers, hasn’t tweeted since about NoonET, when he wrote of another suspension: his WPITW segment:

@thejosha no. Suspended it Monday, during show, in the spirit of what was right about Stewart’s remarks.